Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Whole Lot of Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (finally). I am so excited to be with family, and friends, and just celebrating. So, I figured I'd celebrate and reflect a bit on my blog by listing a few (of the many) things that I am thankful for. I hope you enjoy this :)

Things that I am thankful for...
-My loving Savior who always loves me and provides.
-Breaks from school that always happen right when I need them.
-Clean clothes.
-The Holidays.
-My mommy.
-My whole family.
-My amazingly supportive friends.
-My boyfriend.
-A good job that I enjoy.
-People that pour into me.
-Funny movies.
-Rapping in the car with my brother.
-Encouraging notes.
-Sweet text messages.
-A fantastic roommate.
-A newly painted and decorated bedroom.
-Good coffee.
-Brokenness, because it reminds me how much I need to depend on God.
-The chance to get an education.
-Sleeping in.
-My life, in general.

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